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IS CBD Oil LEGAL (Hemp Oil) in Florida?

Back in 2014, Rick Scott, the Florida Governor signed a bill legalizing the use of Cannabis Oil, or CBD oil with under 0.8% THC and over 10% cannabidiol. Two years later, in November 2016, voters in the Sunshine State voted for the legalization of the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative. This website only offers CBD products which are striped of their THC compound, the molecule strain responsible to the mood-altering experiences users in search of “highs” are looking for. The good news is that CBD contains potential therapeutic properties.

Indeed CBD products are used throughout the world to treat (provide relief to) a wide variety of conditions including anxiety, seizures, epilepsy and more.  The CBD industry is one that is gathering pace in terms of purchases and CBD products are more and more available.


WHAT IS CBD Oil (Hemp Oil)?

CDB oil is the new kid on the block, the one naturally produced healer the use and sale of which Uncle Sam recently approved.

CBD is one of two cannabinols found in the cannabis plant. The other one is THC, and marijuana recreational users know all about THC since for the most part, it is the properties of that particular cannabinol they are predominantly seeking.

Much like its mood-altering sibling, CBD is used to a number of therapeutic properties for those of us in search of healthier lifestyle.



Evidence of CBD health benefits: CBD Oil products are used for a wide variety of reasons. These range from a will to improve overall fitness and health to the treatment of medical health conditions. The strongest evidence of its efficacy has recently come to the fore with the treatment of epilepsy. Indeed, in 2018, the FDA approved Epidiolex, a CBD medication for the treatment of two forms of childhood epilepsy. The FDA also approved the synthetic cannabiniods dronabinol and nabilone to treat nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy, when other cancer medication developed to treat theses reactions to chemotherapy have ceased to be effective.

CBD is also used to help address issues related to anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain as per a study from the European Journal of Pain in which the use of CBD to lower pain and inflammation due to arthritis was studied and confirmed. Arthritic inflammation and neuropatic pain were both shown to be alliviated or inhibited by CBD.

Questions about CBD Oil in Florida

Cannabis or CBD Oil in Florida is proving to as popular as in other states as refined industrial hemp have begun to meet the conditions set by some states. In 2014, the Farm Bill was signed making industrial hemp CBD legal in Florida.

Because CDB oil is a derivative of cannabis, the plant that also produces marijuana, there are questions about its legality. Medical marijuana is legal in Florida, but can only be obtained with a valid medical card. CBD (Hemp) oil where the THC molecules have been stripped is becoming more and more popular and can provide relief for a number of medical issues.



Lots of people associate hemp with marijuana.  There is a very simple reason for this assumption: Both come from the same plate, known as cannabis.

The difference is in the extracting process. CDB Hemp Oil is extracted from hemp seeds, whereas marijuana CBD oil comes from the cannabis flower. What makes Hemp different is that it contains less than 0.3% THC, the molecule responsible for the mood-altering experience some users seek. 


CBD Oil in Florida is available throught this website. The CBD products we feature offer premium hemp CBD oil available online, whether you live in Florida or anywhere else the US and Canada.

CBD Capsules

Choosing to use CBD pills as a dietary supplement is considered to be quicker and delivers more accurate dose.

There is no individual CBD product online that offers a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Therefore, we’ve provided three different types of CBD pills below for you to choose from:

Capsules, Pills and Gel Caps.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is pure Cannabidiol.

There are no other cannabinoids present in this product and this is a great way to see if CBD is right for your wellness needs.

CBD isolates are broken down into two subtopics in order to better describe their texture.

These two categories are CBD Powder & CBD Crystals.

CBD Vape Oil

CBD Vape oil is Cannabidiol oil in liquid format. This means that it can be inhaled with a vape pen, an E-cigarette or a vaporizer. Usually sold in a bottle that can used to fill and refill a vaporizer, it is also available as a disposable pen.

CBD Vape Oil is perfect if you want to be in control of how much you are inhaling.


CBD Water

Think water infused with CBD! Have you ever told yourself you need to brink more water during your day, but never quite manage to do it? Well here is the ultimate solution: CBD Water.

Added to the water by way of nanotechnology, nano-sized CBD molecules are mixed with water. The size of the particles is what makes this water particularly beneficial


CBD Oil is a natural compound derived from the seeds and stalks of the cannabis plants.

Our oil has a high concentration of cannabidiol or CBD. Not to be confused with THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol) CBD does not cause the euphoric effect of traditional marijuana.

Our oil is very popular among our user who swear by it.

CBD Gummies

Delicious hemp oil extract CBD dummies.

These Cannabidiol edibles are chewy and are known across the US to pack a mighty health and wellness punch!

Get yours with confidence! All our CBD products are extracted from the highest quality industrial hemp and manufactured in the USA.


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